TRVLR by BBBYO Cooler Carry Cover - 17 oz
TRVLR by BBBYO Cooler Carry Cover - 17 oz

TRVLR by BBBYO Cooler Carry Cover - 17 oz

The TRVLR by BBBYO COOLER CARRY COVER protects your Future Bottle. The thick protective wrapping protects your bottles form bumps, prevents scratching and adds an extra layer of insulation.

    • Thick 5mm protective neoprene cushions your Future Bottle
    • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
    • Belt Loops
    • D-Rings for clipping carabiners (carabiners not supplied)
    • Heavy gauge chunky zipper for easy removal and cleaning
    • Extended 'Save Our Oceans' zipper puller for smooth zipping
    • Covers clean easily in machine wash
    • Fits 17oz BBBYO, S'well, Minimal, Mira, Water Vault, Thermotank and most "cola" style steel bottles


  • Fully adjustable and removable Shoulder Strap
  • Can be worn on the hip thanks to the belt loop
  • Bottles will float in water
  • Protective covers are great for bottles that spend time rolling around in cars
  • Cover will help bottle last forever. Great for the Environment!


Buy the bottle and cover together. Own a bottle that is beautiful and also keeps our beaches beautiful.

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